Reivers suffer first loss to Indian Hills since 2010

Reivers suffer first loss to Indian Hills since 2010

Ottumwa, IA – Reivers suffer first loss to Indian Hills since 2010

The Warriors and Reivers battled in overtime for the second consecutive season.  This year, unfortunately, saw the Reivers on the losing end.  The Warriors were on a war path in the first half, pummeling the Reiver goalkeeper Jan Hoffelner and forcing him to make seven saves.  11 of the 14 first half shots were by the top offensive player in the ICCAC, Akean Shackelford.  The Reivers, however, demonstrated resilience and had a few opportunities in their attacking half.  Joao Burti came inches away from scoring the game's first goal on a counter-attack. 

The Warriors opened-up the scoring in the 49th minute on a Shackleford goal.  Hoffelner saved his first attempt but the rebound landed in Shackleford's favor.  He would take a touch around Hoffelner and shoot it in to the empty net.  The Reivers found a little magic when Matthew Woo Ling scored the game tying goal nine minutes later.  Woo Ling had crossed half field with the ball when he looked up and saw the Warrior's goalkeeper off his line.  A fifty-yard chip later the Reivers were tied 1-1.  The Reivers would go on to double their shot total from the first half but ultimately failed to convert on their counter-attack and set piece opportunities. 

Shortly into overtime Gustavo Fernandes was whistled for taking down Shackleford in the penalty box. Theodoro Barros di Piero stepped up to take the spot kick for the Warriors.  Although Hoffelner read the penalty kick well, Barros di Piero had too much power behind the kick for the Reiver goalkeeper.  The Reivers dropped their second match in a row and for the first time in seven years. 

Up next for the Reivers is North Iowa Area Community College on Saturday, September 23rd at 2:00 pm.  The game will be played at the Reivers Sports Complex.  Live stream will be available on the Reiver Sports Network,